Joshua K. Linden

Joshua K. Linden

The Sound of Water: A Psychology of the Soul
Reconnecting to the Source…

After a lifetime of living, Joshua K. Linden heard the sound of water in a whole new way. The mesmerizing, meditative sound resonated so deeply within his soul that it propelled him on a seven year journey of reflection: on soul, ego, and our place within the web of life.

What he has discovered during his journey is suffering is a result of the battle between the ego and the Soul.  The ego wants to plan and create a future whereas the Soul needs to express itself in the present. If one is truthful, eventually one awakens to the fact that the body will die, and that the future in this dimension is limited. The Sound of Water leads readers to understand it is in their best interest to shed the ego and to live life with the Soul that is eternal.

FROM THE BOOK: Underlying the words in The Sound of Water is essence. This essence is the same that exists when one looks out at a natural landscape and recognizes a wholeness or oneness. This essence permeates the trees, the fields, the clouds, the streams, the creatures—all that is. It is also the essence of each of us before knowledge and human consciousness. It is the essence of creation. This essence is who each of us are when first born. It exists before anyone teaches us that we are something other than the essence of creation.

The words written here, and their essence, are what your Mind is aware of in this moment. When the essence of all things is conscious of itself in one’s being, one experiences the Source.

Linden’s book points you in the direction of this Source. This is where your essence and the essence of all things flow into one another—without deception, distortion, or corruption.